featuring singer songwriter Bobby Rogers on guitar and harmonica, lead guitarist Frank Kam, bassist Peter Agustin, Barbara Rogers on percussion.

The long time Hawai’i group (since ‘96) is known for their original music from the islands and trademark vocal harmonies

With two CD releases the seasoned Hawai`i musicians paint a diverse musical portrait.

Listen to the cjsamplerj.mp3 which includes song samples from our 2 CDs.

Inside Coconut Joe
In the style of Kalapana and C&K, Coconut Joe provides a fusion of pop, folk, rock, jazz and blues, island style featuring their trademark 4 part vocal harmonies, They also feature a polished presentation of original music from the islands. Upscale Adult Contemporary music of today, made fresh in Hawai`i.

From mellow vocal jazz to boogie dance music, the group provides an diverse array of music. Bob and Frank trade harp and guitar solos and some good fun stories behind the songs. Seasoned Hawai`i musician’s Peter and Scott on bass and drums show their chops as well. Sweet heart Barbara Ann keeps the boys in line.

You'll find that Coconut Joe is a professional, veteran band that is easy to work with and eager to make a musical mark where ever they perform.

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