Aloha and welcome to this edition of the Rogers Travel Journal, The Fall 2012 Blue Ridge Tour.  Starting on September 2nd, our RV travels will take us from Georgia to South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, a peak into Maryland and then DC returning home on Nov 1st. 

As usual, we’ll avoid the big cities, stay in State and National Parks when ever we can, bike and hike the trails, visit small towns and the folks that live in them, basically just chillin’ and living as we zig zag across America. 

Here’s our schedule:

  1. We’ll spend 3 weeks in the Blue Ridge Mountains in places with cool names like Devil’s Fork, Table Rock, Grandfather Mountain, Boone, Bandit’s Roost.

  2. A week in Central South Carolina including Sesquicentennial SP, Santee SP and Charleston.

  3. Traveling brother, Pat Kearns, aka Mr. Beach, joins us towards the second half of our NC and VA coast line exploration which includes stays at Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk, and Virginia Beach. 

  4. Then it’s back to the hills of Virginia with stays at Bear Creek, Holiday Lake and Natural Bridge.

  5. We’ll stay at 4 campgrounds along Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains for 9 days in prime fall season.  No elec, probably no internet.  Roughing it!

  6. Then we’ll be almost a week in Harper’s Ferry and Greenbrier SP

  7. We’ll finish up this leg at our nation’s capital for 5 days and then 2 days at Pohick Bay Park before we park our Lil’ Coconut for the winter.

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Fall 2012

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...from Georgia to South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, a peak into Maryland and then DC, two pineapples from Kailua, Hawaii continue their zig zag journey across America.