Aloha and welcome to this edition of the Rogers Travel Journal, The Fall 2014 Great Smoky Mountain Tour.  This was a simple and short tour, we spent two weeks visiting our grandson Bastille and his parents in Nashville and then hit the road for two weeks visiting the Smoky Mountains.

As usual, we’ll avoid the big cities, stay in State and National Parks when ever we can, bike and hike the trails, visit small towns and the folks that live in them, basically just chillin’ and living as we zig zag across America. 

Here’s our schedule:

After a week in Nashville, we spent 8 days dry camping in 4 campgrounds in the Smoky Mountains and then a couple of days on the road

  1. Bullet Aloha from Nashville

  2. Bullet Elkmount Campground near Gatlinburg,TN

  3. Bullet Smokmount near Cherokee. NC

  4. Bullet Deep Creek near Bryson City, NC

  5. Bullet Cades Cove near Townsend, TN

  6. Bullet Center Hill Dam in Lancaster, TN

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Fall 2014
The Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking and biking, we’re rolling through the great northeast of the Americas  with two pineapples from Kailua, Hawaii who continue their zig zag journey across America.

Nine days of DRY CAMPING, no electrical or water hook up which made sure we judiciously used our house (rv) batteries and 45 minutes of noisy generator morning and night or driving to the next site to charge everything.   We dumped and filled up with water every two to three days.

And, there’s NO CELL PHONE/DATA SERVICE in the GSM campgrounds. None, nada, nuttin.  Find a high mountain lookout, or a nearby city to do emailing, calls and weather checks.  No photo downloads till we’re back in Nashville.  I want my data!!!