Aloha and welcome to this edition of the Rogers Travel Journal, The Spring 2013 Revolutionary Tour.  Starting on April 14th, our RV travels will take us from Virginia to Maine, through 11 states and a district before returning home on May 26. 

As usual, we’ll avoid the big cities, stay in State and National Parks when ever we can, bike and hike the trails, visit small towns and the folks that live in them, basically just chillin’ and living as we zig zag across America. 

Here’s our schedule:

  1. BulletWe’ll spend our first week, getting acclimated and tour a couple parks in Virginia hoping to see the cherry blossoms in DC, Mt Vernon, and a concert at Wolf Trap.

  2. BulletBefore we head up to PA, we’ll stop by Harper’s Ferry to reunite with Paul and Donna who we met in Shenandoah NP.  We’ll then spend a few days in Amish Country with a stop at the Choo Choo Museum along the way.  Then it’s a visit to Barbara’s sister Laura and a day in Philly.

  3. BulletAfter a fews day in upstate PA, we’ll spend a couple of days north of NY City with Coconut Joe drummer extrodinaire, Joey Holliday and ride into the city for two nights of music and a broadway show (Jersey Boys).

  4. BulletThen it’s off to RI and a visit with Barbara’s other sister, Kelly, who’ll also join us one day of our 4 days camping at Cape Cod.

  5. BulletWe’ll head north and spend ten days in various campsites on the outskirts of Boston.  We’ll rent a car for a couple of days so we can get closer to the city and the sites.  We hope to bike the river, walk the city, circle Walden Pond, enjoy a Dan Hicks concert, experience the Minuteman Battlefield and then recoup for a couple of days on Cape Ann.

  6. BulletWe’ll finish up this season camping up the coast in Wells, MA, Sebago State Park, ME and end up in Portland, ME before we park our Lil’ Coconut for the Summer.

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Eleven States and a District...from VA, WV, MD, DC, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, is where these two pineapples from Kailua, Hawaii will continue their zig zag journey across America.